Color Revolution (incorporated association), Urbane Polemik (incorporated association) and Unityarts present the correspondent project for urban modern communication – the Color Revolution.

From May to September 2012 the above mentioned associations premiere the venture of Color Revolution in Chemnitz. In this time the interested audience gets to see the colour variety of urban art. A national line up of invited artists shapes and designs facades and inside areas and presents current works in Chemnitz. The timeliness and innovation of such a venture breaks the Chemnitz city limits. This project spotlights the “city of modernity” to the national art scene and shows new perspectives of this location. The designed facade artworks enrich the looks of Chemnitz and invite the beholder to a creative discussion with various motives of art in public areas. But it is not only the art itself, they focus on. The projects title points to the philosophy not to keep quite and still. It shows that art is way of communication that is standing above any level of censorship.

The intention of this project´ s hosts is to sharpen the beholders global sense, concerning social and ecological disorders, while showing positive alternatives of acting.

Color Revolution is supposed to change the look of our city, the look of its face. The associations want to enable the above drawn vision of modern, cultural metropolis. Through the (inter-)national exchange between artists and their work, they want to enrich the local art scene, but also strengthen the international street art movement. The emerging works, rich of motives, techniques and styles, provide an upgrading in sense of art and culture of this city. They conduce to a positive attitude of life of all inhabitants and claim a rethinking of their city and by showing political and social contents – this shall strengthen the identification of the beholder with their hometown. The hosts also hope to gain (inter-) national attention for Chemnitz as the “city of modernity”.

Interested artists can send an application till the 30th of June 2012 to

Please send some meaningful pictures of your artworks. Thank you for supporting!


The hosts provide a selection of areas in and outside the building of the association of “Kompott”, located in “Schloßchemnitz”. Furthermore there is a whole floor inside the building that can be used for composition and presentation. Important are especially the location and noticeability of the areas. Areas with a symbolical caracter, especially the “Kompott” is located at a crossroads (Leipziger Srraße 3-5, Matthesstraße 21-23), that is one of the biggest traffic arteries in Chemnitz, contain this noticeability.

Further areas are provided by cooperators.

The following pictures show some of the areas provided by “Kompott”.






The areas in the backyard of the building, such as those inside the “Kompott” can be freely designed, those areas at the front of the building need a consultation with the city´s monument protection service before designing.



Every invited artist designs an area, that he/ she or they want wo design, after consultation with the project´ s hosts. The hosts will provide paint, material and travelling/ accomodation costs after agreement. Furthermore there are possibilities of providing of artist´s and printing workshops.



Artists (Update 25.05.2012)

lzwo3 (Bonn) permitted


Alias (Berlin) permitted

Alphabet26 (Chemnitz) permitted


Andre Deloar  (Zürich) permitted


Bananensprayer (Collogne) permitted


Boing (Berlin) permitted


Captain Borderline (Collogne, Leipzig, Chemnitz) permitted


CES 53 / TV KILLS! (Netherlands/ Berlin) permitted


Das Beet (Berlin) permitted

Enrico Stock (Chemnitz) permitted


El Spliffo (Leipzig) permitted


Human Flashboy (Hamburg) permitted


Jacklin permitted

Johannes Mundinger (Münster) permitted

Neon (Berlin) permitted


PinWin (Netherlands) permitted


Rabea Senftenberg (Berlin-Senftenbørg) permitted


Rakaposhii (Köln) permitted


Robert Reinhold (Chemnitz) permitted

Ta55o / Jens Müller (Meerane) permitted

Wastegang (Chemnitz) permitted




                             kompott chemnitz















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